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Protec’s 8 Bay Supadome multi-purpose venue with a capacity of up to 5000 pax can be placed anywhere that is flat enough and sizeable enough so that clients can also enjoy the view of their choice.<br>
With an internal area of 2,699sqm (29,000 sq ft) and an impressive 15.8 metres of headroom, the 36m wide x 84m long Supadome has plenty of height and rigging points throughout the roof with an internal weight loading capacity of over 40 tonnes, making it an ideal venue for events ranging from concerts to exhibitions, weddings or galas.<br>

Load capacity per arch: 3000kg UDL<br>

Height at apex: 15.8m to bottom of truss<br>

Internal width: 32.7m<br>

External width: 35.8m<br>

Dome end diameter: 32.7m<br>